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red shiso lawn August 21, 2012

edoble 1.1

August 21, 2012


This post is long overdue. Change is afoot for edoble. I’ve moved to Toronto and the timing feels right to open up the scope of this site, something I have been wanting to do for a while now. With my heart and mind bouncing around between two very different cities, I am considering the best […]

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Minamidai Massacre

June 19, 2012


biwa stump

Carnage! devastation! shock! It’s biwa (loquat) season and I have been spotting small orange flashes in trees around town. Last week as I was having a very cycle-y day around Tokyo I stopped at a red light, right beside a tree with a few ripe-ish biwa in reach. I grabbed one, stuffed it in my […]

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Mini May Harvest

May 24, 2012



**or Spring Balcony Diagnosis (a follow-up to Winter Balcony Diagnosis) We have not yet reached the end of May, but I have already been harvesting on my balcony. The soramame (空豆 fava bean) that I planted way back last fall that had been growing ever so slowly all winter and spring, produced three decent sized […]

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