May Cherries in Mitaka

Posted on May 30, 2011


These sakurambo (Japanese cherries) are ripe for the picking, at least they were last week, in Mitaka on the Chuo line in Tokyo. This tree is on public land just east of the station’s south exit. Many fallen cherries were already scattered on the sidewalk, but an easy step up on the low fence and many fruits were still accessible. My friend and I shared some with a friendly elderly couple who were passing by. This little stretch of parkland that runs along a stream towards Inokashira Park is beautifully loaded with blossoms during hanami time in Late-March/early-April, but it was exciting to see that one of the trees actually produces fruit too. Shortly after arriving in Japan I was shocked to learn that sakura trees only produce blossoms and no fruit. Finding this tree diminished my disappointment and gives me new hope that the possibility of having cherry eating parties in addition to cherry blossom viewing parties is actually possible.

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