Edogawabashi eats

Posted on June 12, 2011


Here are fuki ふき (called giant buteer bur in English, stalks with large round leaves) and dokudami どくだみ (chameleon plant, small plant with white flowers) in the garden of my Japanese teacher. These plants both grow like weeds and canbeen seen all over Tokyo right now. These plants are both edible and were traditionally foraged in Japan. The fuk stalks can be boiled (check here for the process) and eaten and are wildly found in grocery stores in spring despite also being easily found in parks and gardens. Dokudami can be dried and prepared as a medicinal tea. This stuff is literally everywhere, it can even be found growing in cracks along sidewalks and in narrow alleyways. Most people to pay it much attention, but I did notice some being dried out at an elementary school cum art centre that I visited in the Yotsuya area not too long ago. I also found some more biwa trees in the Edogawabashi neighbourhood.

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